Monday, March 21, 2011

Portuguese Grilled Chicken

I know many of you visit us and are probably wondering what is happening with A Dash Of Flavour. We have been very very busy so once again I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog - please be assured we are not abandoning A Dash Of Flavour as this is a passion of ours we just need to work out how to become more time savvy.

Takeaway!! A downfall when one is time poor is the option of getting takeaway. Thankfully we enjoy food too much to resort to McDonalds or KFC, etc but when it comes to the choice of chinese, indian there is some temptation for at least they are "better" options than mass produced fast food. But another favourite of ours is Nandos - mainly just the chicken not the sides. So the chance to recreate this at home arrived this weekend and I must say this may be our answer to avoiding one temptation of take away.

We love cooking half chickens on the weber especially marinated and over the coals. They have such a flavour - the taste of the chargrill and then this marinade, which I must say kept the chicken moist and it was full of fresh flavour from the lemon juice and the fresh coriander.

Last night we used small chickens cut in half but I am sure this recipe would work well with chicken peices or even fillets. Propoints wise this is a high value dinner due to the skin being on the whole chicken which you could remove to reduce points.

Overall a delicious easy dish full of flavour and much cheaper than Nandos.

Portuguese Grilled Chicken

Serves: 4
ProPoints per serve: 14

2 small chickens, cut in half
8 cloves garlic, crushed
juice of 2 lemons
1/3 cup Jack Daniels Whiskey
2 bay leaves
1 - 2 tablespoon paprika (depending on taste)
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 bunch of coriander, roughly chopped
freshly ground black pepper

Clean chicken halves and pat dry. Place in a large snap lock bag or deep casserole dish.

In a jug combine remaining ingredients and mix well.

Cover the chicken with marinade ensuring all chicken in coated. Seal bag or cover dish with plastic wrap. Allow to marinade for 1 hour or overnight if time permits.

Light weber or heat bbq grill. Cook for 5 - 8 minutes each side ensuring that chicken is cooked through.

(click here for a printable version of this recipe)

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