Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Luncheon

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Mother's Day is always celebrated in May in Australia, always the second Sunday of the month. As everyone knows Mother's Day is a special day, a day to honour your mother, celebrate motherhood and to recognize the contribution your mother makes not only to your family but to your life and to society in general.
In fact this year Mother's Day will be very special! Not only are we are holding the Mother's Day lunch at our house with most of our family but there will be some very special mothers amongst us.

Firstly there is my mam. Many of you know that she came down here to visit from Queensland to help Noel celebrate his 40th birthday but luckily for me her visit will incorporate Mother's Day. My mam and I are very close, we always have been. She idolises Noel as "her" son and they are great mates.

Then there is Noel's mam, Ann. We have a close bond also, in fact I don't even refer to her as my mother in law - I call her mam also and she is a very important person in my life. As far as inlaws go I have been very lucky with mine and yes I do know it!

As well as both of my mothers, another special mam will be spending time with us this year. This is my sister in law, Vicky. Vicky is married to Sean, Noel's brother, and this year she is celebrating her second Mother's Day and they have recently announced that they are expecting again with the baby due in November!!

So in light of our special company, we decided that our luncheon should be special also. So this is the menu we have planned.

Mother's Day Luncheon

Cranberry Fizz

Antipasto Platter
(courtesy of Sean and Vicky)

Meditterean Chicken Casserole
Prosuitto Bean Bundles
Crusty French Bread Sticks

Cherry and Custard Tart
(courtesy of Mam and Dad)
Cheese and Cracker Platter

The table all set with the beautiful Singapore Orchids...


Donna-FFW said...

Sounds like a fantastic menu.. The chicken sounds terrific and pomegrante fizz.. MMMM

Bet everyone will be thrilled.

Colleen said...

This looks absolutely delicious - I love luncheons! And how do you know my brother's name? lol