Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Bake Chocolate Orange Tarts

I combined a chocolate tart that I found over at Almost Bourdain with some orange and VOILA - a tart that reminded us all of a family favourite, Terry's Chocolate Orange! Warning very very rich but this didn't stop all the family eating them!!!

No Bake Chocolate Orange Tarts
(Recipe adapted from Almost Bourdain)

Makes: 10
Points: WW Danger Beware

400 grams digestive biscuits
200 grams unsalted butter, chopped
2 tablespoons golden syrup
200 grams milk chocolate, chopped
200 grams dark chocolate, chopped, plus extra melted chocolate to drizzle
1 teaspoon orange essence
4 tablespoons pure icing sugar, sifted
400 ml thickened cream, plus extra to serve
1 Terry Chocolate Orange, for decoration

Place the biscuits in a food processor and pulse to form fine crumbs. Place the butter and golden syrup in a saucepan over low heat, stirring until butter melts. then pour into processor and pulse to combine. Press the biscuit mixture into the base and sides of ten 10cm loose-bottomed tart pans. Chill until required.

Melt the milk and dark chocolate together in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (don't let the bowl touch the water). Remove from heat, stir until smooth, then allow to cool for 5 minutes. Stir in the orange essence and fold in the icing sugar.

Whip cream until soft peaks form, then fold into the chocolate mixture. Pour into the tart pans and chill for at least 2 hours until the chocolate filling is set.

Decorate with melted chocolate and wedges of Terry's Chocolate Orange.

(click here for a printable version of this recipe)


Chef E said...

I love chocolate and orange together! This looks like a 'non-baker' friendly version made just for me :)

Donna-FFW said...

Sinfully delicious!

Rilsta @ My Food Trail said...

Mmmm, that looks so good!! I love how you put under WW points "Danger Beware" LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Love the extra citrus / orange and the presentation! Thanks for the linking :)

Ange said...

I love anything with chocolate & orange combined, this sounds absolutely luscious

Agnes said...

Oh cute! They do sound incredibly decadent.

Jo said...

* Chef E – very easy and yes chocolate and orange go soooo well together.
* Donna – trust me very sinful!! LMAO!!
* Rilsta – definitely shouldn’t be promoted to someone on Weight Watchers or a diet in general
* Ellie – thanks for your inspiration!!
* Ange – the base is so crumbly and the mousse was luscious….
* Agnes – thanks – they tasted decadent also!!!

Thank you all for your comments.